30- Inception Braid
This very simple, yet very cute braided do is perfect for a lazy day and you just want your hair out of your face, but also down and cute. here ya go folks. the inception braid.

P.S- Sorry that i haven't been posting. i am starting back up again though, so stay here and stay beautiful! <3

29- Easy And Simple Messy Bun

This is a REALLY simple and easy how to messy bun.. :) Hope you try it out!!

28- 8th Grade Formal Hair

So my 8th grade Friends had an 8th grade formal to go to this thursday.. so i did their hair for it!! i am in 9th grade.. plus i am home schooled so i don't go to dances unless i get asked to prom.. which i did.. but i didn't go.. :P 

Here is Kiara's Hair.. 3 french Braids into a bun <3 

here is Shelby's... 3 Buns.. 2 with french braids on the sides then the top bun just twisted back :) 

here is Katie's.... it. is. BEAUTIFUL!!! Its a side braid with another small side braid on the other side and the 2 braids folded in and pinned!! <3 

Like always.. if you would like a tutorial on either of these (1, 2 or 3) email me at or comment. and i will try my best to make it happen!! 

       27- 7 Days Of Braids

If you like any of these braids and would like a tutorial.. comment or email me. Information in a page above 

Day One- Corn Rows

Day 2- Bohemian Braids

 Day 3- Katnis Braid

Day 4- Double Dutch 

Day 5- Waterfall

Day 6- French Dutch Braid Pony

Day 7- Upside Down French Braided bun

26- Dutch Braided Like Whoa!

This braided style Has no name.. comment if you have any name ideas for this braided style!! 

25- Triple Dutch Braid Fall

Hey Girls!, So this is kinda a "fake shaved head" But its soooo cute! i was just sitting infront of my mirror  and i came up with this Hair Style. you can either to a regular braid or a Dutch braid.. it is a French braid so you add hair.. but we are only adding hair from the top and not the bottom.. scroll down to learn how to create this adorable hair style <3 

1- Section off a large pice behind your ear 

2-Tie back the rest of your hair

3- Take a small section from the top of your section parted off

4- Start French braiding pointing the hair up and back(or dutch french braiding) ONLY ADDING HAIR FROM THE TOP. NOT THE BOTTOM

5- Continue this process and tie with a small elastic band

6- Do it again to a section below it

7- And a third time

8- This is what it should look like when you are done

9- Leave it as is.. or pull back..

10- And Pin.. one pin going up and one going down for a secure hold.

If you try this please send me a picture at 

24- Triple Braid- One

I thought this turned out GREAT! Hope you try it!! 

23- SeaSalt Beach Waves Spray

This Sea Salt spray is AWESOME.. it lets you have those nice beach waves and makes them HOLD! They are GREAT for Summer. (WARNING** if you add too much coconut oil.. it will make your hair look greasy..) 



What To Do:




22- Braided Up Bun 

This is a little tricky, but simple after you get the hang of it! Hope you enjoy!! <3 


21- FishTale Ponys/HeadBand Braid

I used to do this Style ALL. THE. TIME! <3 its so cute and easy!! :D :D ENJOY!!!

They are both cute my themselves.. but together they make perfection <3 

If i don't post again this weekend, its because i will be gone on a youth group trip.. i will post again monday :) 

20- The P.B.W.P Pony!

So, sorry for the delay of posting! i was sick last week and didn't get to get anything done! If you have requests please email me at
I could really use them!!

This is called the P(art) B(raid) W(rap) P(in) Pony!!
the P.B.W.P

You can to this in any way you would like! its just really simple and easy!!!

19- 11 Ways to Style Bangs!

18- DIY Hair Mask

DIY Hair Mask, I try to use this hair mask once a week.
its GREAT for your hair and your scalp and your hair is shiny and smooth after!

1- Melt Coconut Oil (Amount depending on your hair Length)

2- Add egg and wisk until Fully Mixed

3- Apply it to your whole scalp, hair and especially the ends making sure to cover every little piece 

4- Put your hair in a bun

5- Cover with a plastic Bag for about 10-15 minutes

6- Wash everything out with shampoo (maybe even twice) Being sure to wash EVERYTHING out

7- Condition your hair

8- Let Your Hair air Dry (works best)


Try to use as little heat as you can.

17- Side French Braid Pony 

For this You must know how to french braid, this one you have to braid really small in small sections.. its really cute tho!!! I LOVE IT!! <3 You can do it too both sides or just one! I did it too both, but you can't see it. <3

16- Inverted fake braid Ponys

I just love this <3


15- HOW TO: French Braid!!! 

1- Take a section From the top of your head

2- Split it into 3 sections

3- Cross the right strand over the middle then the Left over the middle

4- Cross the right over and add a piece from the side of your head and cross that over with it

5- To the same with the Left Piece 

6- Continue this process 

7- Then Do a regular braid at the end and tie with an elastic band

8- And you're Done!!! :) 

Hope this was helpful, enjoy!!!

14 -Lace Braid

1-Section off from either side of the head.. just above the ear. 

2-Braid Once 

3-then start to French Braiding Up and back adding ONLY from the top.. not the bottom.. 

4-finish off with a regular braid. done.

13 -French Twist Back/ Non-Side Shaved head

This is a great alternative for shaving half your head ;) 

12 -Flat Iron Curls

Since i do not have a Curling Wand.. i use this method to curl my hair every once in a while.
but my hair is already naturally Wavy and such ;)

Hope this helps!!

Just fold the flat iron either Up Or Down then follow down until the end and let go.. Continue and Hairspray just a little to hold. 

I am Very Proud in picture 6.. as you can see :) 

They turned out great! 

11 -OverNight Beach WAVES

If you french braid your hair while its wet and leave it overnight... you will end up with Beach waves in the morning.. did you know that?? 

10- 11 Ways To Use A Bun

9 -Bun Up-dos


The Bow Bun

The Headband Bun

 The Braided Back Bun

Side Braid Bun

The Wrap Up Bun

The Crossed Braid Bun

The Messy Bun

                                                                                   The  Retro 

The Top Knot

The Tucked Bun

The Twisted Up Bun

The Braided Bun

                                                            The Fancy Updo

The Sock Bun


-PonyTales Ideas

here are a bunch of Pony Tale ideas :)

The one below is the Wrap

The Braided Wrap


The Fish-Tale

The Inward Tie


8 -The 3 Braids Braid

This is reallyyy simple.. i'm sure you can't.. CAN do this :)

7 -Sock Bun! 

This is the way i do the sock bun and it is WAY easier then the other way!

6 -Infinity Braid 

This is pretty hard at first, but easy after you get the hang of it. :) ENJOY! 

 5 -Top Knot Bun
One of my favorite 2nd and 3rd day hair Style, Super easy And cute! :) 

4 -Braided Bangs
i do this hair Style when i'm going to the pool, or just want my bangs out of my face. Pretty simple :) 

3 -Boho Half-Up Braid

2 -OverNight Curls!!! 

1 -Braided HeadBand Bun!!

This works great with 2nd and 3rd Day hair!
its great for spring coming just around the corner!

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